Smart miner’s helmet

Smart miner’s helmet

设计师: Quantao Su

Mining is an important way for people to obtain natural resources. Meanwhile, mining is a very dangerous job, with a large number of miners dying from mining accidents every year around the world. According to statistics, there were 434 mine accidents causing 573 deaths in China in 2020, including 122 coal mine accidents linking to 225 deaths, the death rate reached 0.058 per million tons mined;also, another 348 deaths were reported in a total of 312 non-coal mine accidents.

The mine accident has brought with it problems especially in causing great harm to a family.

Therefore, we must make some designs and changes to increase the survival rate of miners.

According to surveys, we summed up some problems encountered by the trapped miners after the accident. Problems include lacking food, water, separating from the outside world, psychological panic, etc. To solve these problems, we made such a modular smart miner’s helmet design.

①Based on the bionics principle,the cap shell was inspired by pangolins. The use of Fluorescent powder aims to help rescuers find the trapped miners in the dark.

②Two adjustable power mine lamps, to achieve a long time endurance.

③Recording device. While trapped, the miners can use this to record themselves and what they want to say to family and friends to ease psychological stress. Even if unfortunately died, can also leave a message to family and friends.

④Information feedback module based on RFID technology can know if there are trapped companions around, and improve the possibility of being rescued.

⑤Player. Record your favorite music or family words in advance to give the miners strong psychological support when trapped. (You can replace it with noise-proof headphones if you want.)

⑥Flexible storage bag. Depending on the miner’s individual needs, crackers, water or a power bank can be put in it. Storage bags also serves as a simple strainer.

The most challenging part of the project was that it required a thorough investigation in the early stages of the design. The investigation covered a series of issues, including the relevant laws and regulations of helmet production, the type of helmet, the use scenario, the psychological and physiological changes of people after being trapped, the type of mine accident, the type of compressed biscuit and so on. It involves a lot of manpower, material resources and time, and carries on the statistics and analysis to the relevant data. These studies were conducted over a period of about 30 days to ensure the necessity of the project research and the commerciality of the future market.

From the business point of view, this kind of design is completely different from other helmet designs. It brings new experience. As the modules can be selected according to the needs of the user, it can also be used in other industries such as the construction industry, which is the best way to distinguish them. From the social point of view, smart miner’s helmet design is a solution to protect personal safety. From the design point of view, this design realizes the original intension of the design, which aims to improve human life and bring us a better life.

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